Our team: our greatest wealth

At Infrico we manufacture machines, but people are what matters most to us. The greatest wealth of Infrico is our team and we take care of it as it deserves, knowing how we are that the productive capacity of our organization depends on our team.

What does it mean to work at Infrico?

To be an important part of a great leader and totally innovative company with the experience and solvency of the more than 30 years that we have been leaders in the industrial sector of cold machinery manufacturing.

To contribute to a solvent and consolidated business project worldwide, which is committed to R & D & I to guarantee the best product and service for HORECA, food and biomedical and pharmaceutical sector.

To participate in an environment in which you invest in having very well-trained professionals, where you can learn and develop a stable and lasting professional career. Over 90% of our employees have an indefinite contract.

To enjoy a young, positive, close and dynamic environment, where the good relationship between the team makes us have a culture of involvement and trust. We are convinced that if our team is happy it will work better, so we promote an optimal and favourable climate.

To work in one of the most modern industrial facilities in Spain. Our plants have a total area of 160,000 square meters for production, logistics activities and offices.

We are interested in talented people who share our values. If you feel identified with them we will be happy to meet you, write us!